Clear Aligners

A Modern Approach to a Perfect Smile

What Is Clear Aligner Technology (CAT)?

Clear aligners is an orthodontic device that slowly moves your teeth into a proper, functional and esthetic position. This technique which has been around for many years was originally done manually on models and were referred to as positioners. The only other technique that was available were metal braces that many patients just did not want or like. They were uncomfortable, hard to keep clean and just not very aesthetic. In 2005, Align Technologies developed a computer generated solution known as “Invisalign”. The term invisalign has become synonymous for CAT, the process of clean alignment movement and now there are many companies promoting that technology. Today we can offer this type of device which is invisible, removable and comfortable.

Are You a Candidate?

If you are interested in seeing if your teeth/bite can be corrected with CAT, an initial appointment is needed to collect information. At this appointment, we scan your mouth and take any necessary x-rays to check the bone and teeth. Based on your diagnostic records, we then develop a treatment plan and cost estimate which can be simple or comprehensive. The flexibility options that OrthoFx offer makes this a convenient and simple alternative to achieve the esthetic smile you always wanted!

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More on Clear Aligners

What Is OrthoFX?

Our office utilizes OrthoFx as our selected company for clear aligner therapy. We chose this company because of its ability to allow patients to integrate modern technology in the case process. Financing their case with this company and direct with no middle financial institution. This along with the fact that they use a polymer plastic technique which applies constant, mild pressure to the movement for a week (no more loose aligners as you advance in treatment). The aligner trays are made in the USA and not shipped from a foreign source as well.